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This is a park beyond a park and happens to be among the 7 wonders of the world following the great nature spectacle of the migration of the wildebeest. The Serengeti-Mara ecosystem supports the largest of the known animal population on the planet .About 1.5million wildebeest cross the Kenyan –Tanzania border towards the Maasai Mara reserve in the month of July and reverse the same spectacle in October .The greatest natural trek is characterized by the tough walk but the toughest of all is crossing of the mara river where the river is all invaded by the crocodiles waiting for the feast. In the company of the wildebeest is also about 250 ,000 zebras and thomson gazelles not forgetting the  predators escorting them .The park is situated about 270 km from Nairobi through the great rift valley escarpment via Narok  town .The rough road from Narok town justifies the saying that the toughest routes leads to the greatest can also take a flight from wilson airport to the Maasai Mara .The park is home to the big five and also the native home of the Maasai community who live in harmony with the wild animals. This is the most visited park in Africa following not only the distribution of the animals but also the visibility of the animals. This is as a result of the park being savanna grassland. This allows one to have a view of prides of lion hunting their prey at dawn and dusk and the cheetahs hunting during the day. The herds are numberless from elephants to buffalos, impalas, thomson gazelles, grant gazelles, topis, the hartebeests and others not on the list.