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Kenya is a destination which is very rich in flora and fauna and hence it has more than forty game parks and reserves ranging from the smallest saiwa swamps park(3square kms)famous for the sitatunga antelope to the largest tsavo east and west(over21000 square kms).
The details given below belong to some of the most visited parks in Kenya.

This park is the most convenience to visit for many people as it is situated about 5 kilometers from the city centre which is only a 10 minutes drive from the city center. It was established in 1946 making it one of the oldest parks in Kenya .it is home the famous big five apart from the elephant which can be sited roaming freely in their natural habitat and one can take photo to these animals at the background of the city of a Nairobi. The park has an area of 177square km which also offers several picnic sites. In addition one can also visit the animal orphanage or /and the Nairobi safari walk right at the main gate at an extra fee.

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Situated about 100 km from Nairobi, one has two options to access it as one can use the old road through the great rift valley escarpment through maai mahiu or the new Nairobi –Nakuru Highway which also offers a better view of Mt Longonot.In either way one will be able to pass through the Naivasha town and have a blurred view of lake Naivasha. Between the Naivasha and Nakuru town one will also pass by the elementaita lake and kariandusi museum which is a prehistoric site of the early man. The park is famous for its dense population of the pinks lesser and greater flamingos.
The park has an area of 188square km which makes it easily accessible for game viewing even for a day trip .it is also home for the big five apart from the elephant .The park is also known as home for the majority of the remaining  black and white rhinoceros.
This is the park that is most geographically favored by its location being situated about almost the same distance from Nairobi and Mombasa .it also lies at the foot of Kilimanjaro offering the best view of the snow capped mountain. Mt Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest outstanding mountain in the world .The park has an area of about 392square km. It is the second most visited park in Kenya as it offers the best viewing of the African elephants on the planet  and it was declared  so by the UNESCO in 2009.The park’s animal population is favored by the marshy areas lead be the natural swamps which offer water for the animals all over the year .The park also is home to other animals like the wildebeest, the common zebras, the water buffalos ,the hippos ,the cheetahs and prides of lions just to mention but a few .The water birds  species  is also  in  abundance in this park.
These are three parks that are managed independently but the animals make them inseparable as they roam freely in all the parks making it one ecosystem. They are situated about 350 km north of Nairobi. The parks have got different and unique types of animal species which are not found anywhere else in Kenya. This is because the park is found in a semi arid area making it hard for all the animals to survive there. As the saying goes that every desert has its own oasis, the border between the buffalo springs and the Samburu reserve is the Uaso Nyiro River which is the main water source for the parks. The park are the home of the rare grevy zebras, the Somali ostrich, the beisa oryx , the gerenuk also known as gazelle giraffe and the majestic reticulated giraffes.  It is also home to the big five apart from the rhinoceros .The park is also known to be a park where nature defies itself as some lionesses are known to adopt the baby oryx for some weeks and protecting them from other predators.
This is one ecosystem separated only by the Nairobi and Mombasa highway .The parks have an area of more than 21,000square km which make it bigger that the size of Israel .The parks have got some of the most beautiful landscapes following some of the volcanic physical features .some of the major attractions in the parks are the Mzima springs, the Mashetani lava and lake Jipe in the west and the Mudanda rock and Lugard falls in the East. The parks are also home to the big five and especially the large herds of the famous red elephants. The Ngulia rhino sanctuary is also found in the Tsavo west national park. These are the parks which are easily accessible if one is in Mombasa or any other town in the coast of Kenya.
This is a park beyond a park and happens to be among the 7 wonders of the world following the great nature spectacle of the migration of the wildebeest. The Serengeti-Mara ecosystem supports the largest of the known animal population on the planet .About 1.5million wildebeest cross the Kenyan –Tanzania border towards the Maasai Mara reserve in the month of July and reverse the same spectacle in October .The greatest natural trek is characterized by the tough walk but the toughest of all is crossing of the mara river where the river is all invaded by the crocodiles waiting for the feast. In the company of the wildebeest is also about 250 ,000 zebras and thomson gazelles not forgetting the  predators escorting them .The park is situated about 270 km from Nairobi through the great rift valley escarpment via Narok  town .The rough road from Narok town justifies the saying that the toughest routes leads to the greatest can also take a flight from wilson airport to the Maasai Mara .The park is home to the big five and also the native home of the Maasai community who live in harmony with the wild animals. This is the most visited park in Africa following not only the distribution of the animals but also the visibility of the animals. This is as a result of the park being savanna grassland. This allows one to have a view of prides of lion hunting their prey at dawn and dusk and the cheetahs hunting during the day. The herds are numberless from elephants to buffalos, impalas, thomson gazelles, grant gazelles, topis, the hartebeests and others not on the list.
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