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KENYA is a country in EAST AFRICA and the best destination in Africa as it is naturally favored by its natural geographical features and the beautiful and friendly people .Imagine the possibilities of the beauty of your dreams all covered in a small but great country of about 583,000 square kilometres .Did you ever imagine that you can find the following features without crossing borders.
The two highest outstanding icons of Africa in a day .i.e the MT KENYA (5199metres high) and MT KILIMANJARO (5895 metres high.).Just have your breakfast at a hotel of your choice in Amboseli National Park as you watch the snow cape of mt .kilimanjaro,then after breakfast depart for Nairobi the city in the sun for your lunch and then proceed to Nyeri in the afternoon to have the beautiful view of mt kenya before you take your dinner at a hotel of your choice but i always recommend the historical and the famous TREETOPS HOTEL where HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND became the queen in 1952.
The largest physical feature The GREAT RIFT VALLEY cuts the country along in into two as it runs all the way from Jordan in Asia to Mozambique in southern Africa .its at this valley that we find the archaelogical sites of the origin of the early man ,the beatiful land scape of its escarpment and the famous fresh and alkaline lakes which suppport s the highest population of water birds like flamingoes and pelicans.
The famous zero degrees latitude THE EQUATOR that cut the globe into the northern and the southern hemisphere also cut Kenya in to two parts running over mt kenya. It,s the only place that you can only find permanent Glacier along the Equator ..
Down to the coastal line of Kenya is the famous natural Kilindini harbour .Bordering the Kenyan soil at the coast is the Indian Ocean which offer the contry’s crystal clean beaches at Mombasa city resorts,malindi and lamu towns.

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Kenya is a great nation of great people. It is a metropolitan nation as it has got people from all over the globe and hence producing and also hosting some of the global icons from world leaders to business men .It has about 43 native communities with different culture, language and origin. It is the home to some of the famous people who have not changed their culture for more than three centuries like the maasai,tharaka, samburu,and njemps .we have the arabs at the coastal region who also gave birth to the waswahili people after they intermarried with the mijikenda that  they found at the coast upon arrival .In the city of Nairobi which is the capital city we have all the people from the globe like the Asians, the Europeans, the Americans and a mosaic of coloureds who are proud to be Kenyans . DID YOU KNOW?
The QUEEN of England became a QUEEN In Kenya during her holiday at the foot of mt kenya about 100 kilometres from where her Grand prince William proposed to her love Kate Middleton.
The Barrack Obama senior, the father of the current  US President was born and brought up  at the shores of the lake victoria in western Kenya.
A Kenyan professor Wangari  Mathaai  was the first woman to win the nobel peace prize .
Sir Richard Branson launched the Virgin Atlantic direct flight from London to Nairobi at a Hotel in maasai mara.
Bill Gates has visited this land several times, Naomi Campbell  the beauty icon could not hesitate the beauty of Kenyan beaches and the list is endless as the discoveries are as many as none can tell the actual number as there  is always a new thing to discover.



Kenya is a country along the Equator and it has a potential to support all types of vegetation. The climate varies from the humid coastal climate, the miombo woodlands, the savanna grasslands, the semideserts, and the tropical rainforests to the mountain climate.
This makes it a country that naturally supports most of the flora and fauna on the planet .we have two seasons of rains being the long rains between April and June and the short rains in October and November .The temperatures ranges between lows of tens and highs of thirties depending on the regions and the months of the year with January being the hottest month of the year and July as the coldest month of the year.


Internationally one can access Kenya by air or by sea .The main connecting cities in Europe are London, Amsterdam, and Paris offering direct flights to Nairobi (Jomo Kenyatta international airport)and Berlin and Rome offering  direct flights to Mombasa  (Moi international airport ).If you love cruising ,you can always access Kenya through Kilindini harbour  in Mombasa.
Locally we offer all types of transport from the donkey transport in Lamu Island to the camel back transport in the northern Kenya not forgetting the common means of transport which ranges from road, railway line, air and steam boats .
The infrastructure varies from tarmac highways to weather feeder roads joining the main cities to the great national parks and other tourist attractions .Within the cities one can use a bus, a taxi or a matatu which are public mini vans with a yellow line. To access a park, one requires a 4by4 jeep or a special tour minivan.


In Kenya Accommodation varies from simple budget hotel to five stars hotels in towns and cities. In the parks the accommodation varies from simple campsites to luxurious lodges and camps. The units are favorable to everyone from the singles, doubles, and triples to family cottages.